She Inspired Me

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Speaking with my clients reminds me how really fortunate I am to have such a great calling in life. The people I get to meet inspire me daily. It takes a lot of courage to change, especially if you have failed in the past. That's what makes someone like Alex so very special. She wanted more [...]

5 Ways to Ease Allergy Symptoms

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Asthma affects more than 24 million people in the U.S., including more than 6 million children. Allergies are the 6th leading cause of chronic illness in the U.S. with an annual cost in excess of $18 billion. More than 50 million Americans suffer from allergies each year. Scientists are predicting that the weather we have been [...]

Healing Body, Mind and Spirit

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You are cordially invited. Madison Community Holistic Health Forum and Paint the Town Yellow presents a free night of learning and discussion on how to align, nourish, and support your nature of perfect health. When: Monday April 9 Time:  7-9 pm Where: Short Stories Bookstore and Community Hub             23 Main St, Madison, NJ Awaken to the [...]

I Bet You Haven’t Done This in A While-

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Most of us are stuck home today awaiting our 2nd Nor'easter in less than a week. It's enough to make you want to drown yourself in a bag of cookies. Before you resort to any drastic measures, keep reading. (Remember you will be putting on those shorts and tee shirts in the not too distant future) [...]

Can Oil Pulling Protect Your Brain?

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I am reading a book on a subject that is near and dear to my heart. It is called “ The End of Alzheimer’s” – the first program to prevent and reverse cognitive decline. My grandmother died with this disease, my mother died with this disease and I carry the gene. I will do anything within [...]

Why Probiotics Are So Very Important

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Have you been ignoring the most vital organ in your body? I bet you can’t guess what that is. It affects every aspect of your life. It determines if you are going to be skinny or fat, sick or healthy, anxious or calm, depressed or happy. This organ is called your microbiome (your gut bacteria.) From [...]

Purium 40 Day Ultimate Parasite Cleanse

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I am going to do something I have never done before. I thought it would be fun. I hope you do too. I am signing up to do the Purium 40 Day Ultimate- Parasite cleanse and I would like you to join me. You buy the product and I will provide daily email support and weekly [...]

Triples Your Risk of Having a Stroke!

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Are you drinking diet soda and using artificial sweeteners because you want to lose weight? How is that working for you? Pretty disappointing I would think. How can something that is zero calories not be a good thing? There are lots of reasons and some of them are pretty scary. PLEASE PUT DOWN YOUR DIET SODA [...]

Could this be why you can’t lose weight?

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This time of year, everyone is talking about their diet and how much weight they want to lose. I actually like New Year’s resolutions. It’s great to reflect back on the past year and create inspiring goals for the year ahead. The problem with weight loss goals is they rarely address the real issue. Weight gain [...]

She lost 10 Inches in 40 Days!

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Meet Christine Clifton. She is one busy lady. She runs her own coaching business Mindful Business Matters, conducts webinars and retreats and has authored a very successful book titled, "You don't have to shout to Stand Out " I have attended many of Christine’s workshops. I always leave smarter than when I came. Her book is [...]