I am a proud working mother of boy/girls twins. Prior to starting our family I spent time observing and learning from my friends how to navigate life as a working parent. It requires parents to take care of themselves physically, mentally, and spiritually. After contacting Kathy and Ellen (the Digestive Divas) and participating in one of their 12-week programs, I had the tools necessary to make healthy life style changes that have been in the best interest of everyone in our family.

I altered family recipes and asked for support when I needed it. As a result of following their advice and committing to a positive life style change, I increased my energy, decreased my level of anxiety, and reduced my gluten intake. My joints are now pain free and I lost over 12 lbs.

Their program gives young working moms like myself, the support necessary to make good health the center of your family’s life.


This program is Life Changing! I came to this program 7 months after having both my knees replaced. I was extremely over weight, exhausted, had joint swelling, and wasn’t sleeping. I was taking prescriptions for pain, high cholesterol and high blood pressure. This program is not just another diet. This starts with removing toxins from your body and introducing nourishing, healing foods into your life. You are supported everyday with emails.

After the detox my energy level soared! I never would have believed I could ever feel this good again! Twelve weeks ago I was a plus size 20 and now I am a misses size 14. All prescriptions I was taking are gone! I am a new woman on so many levels, physically, spiritually and emotionally. I will forever be grateful to Kathy and Ellen.

Forever Grateful!
Cindy Waite

How lucky we feel that we met up with the “Digestive Divas”.

It was time to make a strong effort to feel the best we could, and we were looking for a healthier life style. It feels wonderful being “with it”. We eat differently. We converse with others about our talks with the “Divas” about food and supplements. It is amazing how many people are impressed with what we are doing and are thinking of picking up on some of our changes. We found the diet easy to follow – all we had to do is to concentrate on the foods we could have and the choices were plentiful. At the end of the program I lost a total of 35 pounds, drastically reduced my blood pressure medicines and corrected my Coumadin medicine. Yes, we had to learn how to shop differently, had to clean our food cabinets and freezers of the foods that were keeping us from achieving our goals, but in the end the result has changed our lives for the better.

Harriet & Lee Broadwin

Meet Kathi.

She is a very special lady. She dared to do something very few people have the courage to do.
She was willing to question the things she absolutely knew about herself. In the process she discovered she was capable of far more than she gave herself credit for.

It was a joy to watch her blossom.

Here is what she has to say:

My son just finished his first year in college and after I saw the “freshman 15 (15 pounds that he so easily put on in his 1st year of college) I realized how important it is to eat healthy. However, this story is not about my wonderful son, who today is in good shape as a result of eating nutritiously at home and exercising.

This story is about me and how I have struggled with my weight since I was diagnosed with a Thyroid disease at the age of 38. It would not be until my early 60′s that I realized, through many diets, that it is about making conscious choices to eat healthy.

After many years of trying to lose weight, Back to Basics has been the only program to help me achieve my goals. In three short months I not only achieved my goal weight but also have shifted my eating habits – a huge achievement for me. Kathy and Ellen are a dynamic educational team. They are the “Ying and the Yang” in the holistic nutrition field and inspiring personal coaches. I would highly recommend their program!

Kathi Gazzano

This adventurous lady is the wonderful- Theresa!

Right before my 53rd birthday, I started feeling sick. I couldn’t put my finger on anything specific. I swelled up, all of my joints started hurting, and I developed this barrel belly that was preventing me from comfortably bending down to touch my toes. I had lower back and neck pain, and very minimal mobility in my left arm.

I felt like I was 80!

I discovered this program when my nutritionist suggested I do a cleanse. She previously had a series of blood work tests done on me and said a cleanse (in additional to other nutritional changes) twice a year would be very beneficial to my health……

What’s a cleanse? Does that mean I drink only water for a month? Ahhggg! I can’t do that!

Thank goodness I signed on to the Back to Basics Wellness program.

It was a program about eating the way I have always wanted to eat….naturally, but I was always too confused by all of the labeling and marketing to buy the right stuff.

The cleanse was so easy, and I was never hungry. I felt the best during those 3 days than I have felt in a very long time.

I am looking forward to doing my springtime cleanse!

In addition, I was able to lower my cholesterol from 226 to 170, and was able to get off of the medication I have been on for the past 14 years.

The group of ladies I took this journey with are such a supportive and caring group, that I want to thank all of you, and Kathy and Ellen, for helping me find my way to better health….naturally!


Please meet Jennifer …

I’m 45 years old and a high school teacher. I have a background in Health and Wellness Education. Since my college years I have always tried to eat right and exercise. This always kept me pretty fit and at an appropriate weight. Even after both my pregnancies I lost the baby weight with just a little bit of extra effort.

That all changed when I hit 40!

The pounds were creeping on much easier. I would gain weight then lose it again. No matter what changes I made in my diet the weight would come back. Even though it was only 10 pounds, on my 5 foot frame it was noticeable.

This September school started and none of my pants or skirts fit. I was not happy with my physical appearance but even more importantly I didn’t feel “well.” I was exhausted by mid-afternoon every day. I wasn’t sleeping soundly and certainly didn’t feel rested in the morning when I woke up.

I knew I needed to make some serious life changes. I wasn’t really sure where to start so met with a nutritionist and she referred me to the Digestive Divas. They were starting a Detox program the following month so timing was perfect.

I knew I had to break my sugar addiction (I love my sweets and chocolate) and that I needed to eat more fruits and veggies. If I’m being honest, I can say that I totally did not believe in the idea of a “gluten free” diet. To me it sounded like the latest craze “just eliminate this one thing and it will cure all.” I understood that some people have gluten allergies but “we’ve been eating wheat forever so how bad could it really be?” But I really felt desperate so I figured I would try the program anyway.

Well … this program, almost immediately, made a drastic difference in my life.

Within 2 weeks I was sleeping better and feeling rested every morning. I no longer have the mid afternoon slump. I have enough energy to get through the whole day (completely caffeine FREE). In addition, I have a new love of all different types of healthy foods. All of my digestive problems, bloating, etc. are gone. I even managed to break my sugar addiction. Don’t get me wrong I still love chocolate but I don’t crave sugar like I used to. Now I am a total believer in gluten free. I feel so much better than I have in years. And all the positive changes have resulted in the weight loss I was hoping for as well.

Now, about the detox … I was very anxious about how difficult it would be to “give up” so many things. But the program is designed to ease you into the detox process. You don’t have to cut everything out on Day 1 which I found so helpful. Plus you eat FOOD during the detox. This isn’t some crazy self deprivation diet. The recipes and food suggestions are delicious. When your body actually tastes really healthy good food you don’t miss the old stuff.

This is NOT a diet, this is a new way of looking at food and what it can do for your body. I call it “the new normal.”

Finally, for all of you that say, “I have read the books, I can just do this on my own” you don’t know what you are missing.

What makes this program so amazing is the guidance from Kathy and Ellen, the Digestive Divas. It is so much more than just changing what you put in your mouth. They help you understand why we crave the bad stuff, why we binge, why the other diets fail and so much more. They will get you through not just the food changes but all the behavioral changes that will make you a success. I have learned so much during the 12 weeks.

I am proud of all the changes I have made mentally and physically. These are life changes that I know I can maintain. I feel amazing thanks to the Divas!


What did the Digestive Diva’s do for me? Save my life FACT!

I was so very sick when I came to them with severe abdominal pain, nausea, exhaustion & very high blood sugars. I was started on insulin 10 mg in June 2014 & my doctor increased the dosage monthly till in October 2014 I was taking 50 mg long acting & 30 mg short acting before each meal daily – my blood sugar did not come down – my doctor told me I would be on insulin the rest of my life that my insulin resistance was going to be a way of life – 4 injections a day.

Within 15 days of doing the Digestive Divas’ Zero to Sixty Program I spoke to my endocrinologist who agreed with me – STOP all medications – wait what? Yes that’s right ALL MEDICATIONS!

Diabetes insulin resistance did not have to be a way of life……

Other side effects of their program: My DeQuervain’s tenosynovitis a form of tendinitis that I suffered with for years in my wrist is completely gone – no pain whatsoever.

My PH was always on the acidic end a pale ugly yellowish green of 6.2 now it is a gorgeous bright green of 7.2. It’s a scientific fact disease cannot thrive in an alkaline body.

Energy level amazing oh & I finally lost 6 inches around my waist!!!

These gals sharing their extensive knowledge on nutrition & health is priceless. It is not a one size fits all program like other “diets”. The Digestive Divas take each client’s health, likes & needs into consideration while guiding you on the most amazing life changing journey.

It’s not just about food they also teach mind body connections which are invaluable.

My advice- don’t wait till you’re so sick like me – take the steps today to be your best possible self.

My family is so very grateful to Back to Basic Wellness cause they have their wife, mother, sister, daughter “Back to Wellness” thank you!!

Sending love & healthy intentions to all,

Sue Ellen