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6 Warning Signs You Need to Detox and De-Stress

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Do you feel like your mind and body need a complete overhaul? It’s not uncommon to feel rundown in today's’ fast-paced society, but just because it’s commonplace doesn’t mean it’s “normal.”  When it becomes a struggle to find the energy to get through the day, your body is sending out an SOS. You would be wise [...]

She Went From a Size 18 to a Size 12!

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I am blessed to have the privilege of working with remarkable people. They are brave, courageous and strong, willing to take responsibility for their choices. They never want to settle for being anything less than remarkable. Their stories inspire me daily. Carol was generous enough to share her story with you. Carol is a very smart [...]

Weight Loss Discovery (Recipe Included)

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Do you have trouble losing weight even though you follow your diet and restrict your calories? Some research suggests the health of your gut bacteria might be the missing link to chronic weight-loss resistance. It’s only recently that new genomic techniques have opened the doors to detailed study of our gut microbiome. Scientists suspect that the [...]

You Need These 3 Things to Make it Work

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You’ve been putting off changing your diet for a while now. The cold, rainy weather didn’t help much. It fooled you into thinking you might be able to hide behind that baggy sweater forever, but- The day of reckoning has come. We have warm beautiful sunshine and you are nowhere near ready to start wearing shorts [...]

Could this be why you can’t lose weight?

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This time of year, everyone is talking about their diet and how much weight they want to lose. I actually like New Year’s resolutions. It’s great to reflect back on the past year and create inspiring goals for the year ahead. The problem with weight loss goals is they rarely address the real issue. Weight gain [...]