Gluten, Dairy, Soy, Grain Free, Low Carb – Paleo
Serves 4


8 Organic Cage Free Eggs mixed well
1 (4 ounce package) of Wild Caught Smoked Salmon
4 Scallions Chopped (White and Green Parts)
4 Tbs. Grass Fed Butter or Ghee (casein free)
(optional) 4 Tbs. Dairy/Soy Free Cream Cheese (Daiya)
Sea Salt and Fresh Cracked Black Pepper

If you are making this in a skillet or omelette pan on the stove you can make two large omelets and divide each by 2 for four servings:

Divide Smoked Salmon into 2 portions
Divide Scallions into 2 portions
Divide “Cream Cheese” into 2 portions

For each omelette melt 2 tbs. butter. Pour half the egg mixture (add some salt and pepper to the eggs in bowl) into pan when butter is bubbly and hot but not brown. As the eggs are cooking – push cooked eggs from outer edges inward and allow liquid eggs to run to outside. Cook until there is very little liquid egg on the top side. Place a row of salmon pieces down the middle of the omelette and top with half the chives. Fold over half the omelette and allow to cook for about 5 minutes on medium flame so that middle is done. Flip onto a serving plate and garnish with two tbs. of cream cheese while hot so the cream cheese melts over the omelette.

You can do this in your omelette maker as well. Use the same ingredients and follow directions for the omelet maker!