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8 Diet and Lifestyle Recommendations for Preventing Alzheimer’s Disease

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Alzheimer’s Disease is very personal for me. It claimed my mother and my grandmother. It is an agonizingly cruel way to die. It strips you of your memories, your dignity and your ability to care for your most basic needs. It leaves a scar on your heart that time does not erase. It is a disease [...]

Personalized Medicine- Friend or Foe?

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One of the most exciting advances in healthcare is the growing field of personalized medicine. Personalized medicine involves identifying genetic and genomic information that helps predict a person’s susceptibility to developing a particular disease. This is very powerful information, but only if you know what to do with it. The first thing you need to know- [...]

Triples Your Risk of Having a Stroke!

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Are you drinking diet soda and using artificial sweeteners because you want to lose weight? How is that working for you? Pretty disappointing I would think. How can something that is zero calories not be a good thing? There are lots of reasons and some of them are pretty scary. PLEASE PUT DOWN YOUR DIET SODA [...]