Speaking with my clients reminds me how really fortunate I am to have such a great calling in life. The people I get to meet inspire me daily.
It takes a lot of courage to change, especially if you have failed in the past.
That’s what makes someone like Alex so very special. She wanted more for herself and she wasn’t going to quit until she got it. She just completed the 12 week Lifestyle and Nutrition Program and was kind enough to send this beautiful testimonial:
Thank you Digestive Divas! You’ve changed my life! Before doing the Signature Lifestyle and Nutrition Program I thought my nutrition was on point. I was very wrong. 3 weeks in and my life had changed. I had an abundance of energy, started sleeping so soundly, and became happier, among other great changes.
The meal plans and direction have enabled me to know more about what I’m putting in my mouth. It isn’t about taking things away anymore it’s about adding more nutritious and delicious meals to my every day. Cooking dinner is literally no longer a chore but something I enjoy doing every day.
The approach isn’t like anything I’ve tried in the past, and I’ve tried a ton of different diets. It’s a lifestyle change essentially. (And it’s easier than you might think.) Even when I don’t cook at home now I know what to order when I’m out to dinner or picking up food to bring home.
I just can’t say enough about how great the program really is and how helpful Kathy has been along the way! The coaching calls and daily emails are everything. They keep you engaged and motivated to do your very best and to integrate the new changes without making them difficult.
Thank you again!
All the best,
Thank you, Alex! You made my day.
I hope she inspired you too!