Meet Christine Clifton. She is one busy lady. She runs her own coaching business Mindful Business Matters, conducts webinars and retreats and has authored a very successful book titled, “You don’t have to shout to Stand Out ” I have attended many of Christine’s workshops. I always leave smarter than when I came. Her book is on my nightstand, offering me daily pearls of wisdom.

Christine knows her success depends upon her showing up at her best every day. She needed something quick and easy to fit into her busy schedule. She tried my 10-Day Transformation using Purium products and has been a loyal customer ever since.

This is Christine had to say about her experience:

After I attended a workshop with Kathy and Ellen about the Purium cleanse, I took some time to think about it and study it. I had tried some other shake-based programs but I wasn’t successful on their fasting/cleanse day protocol. As a result, the idea of a 10-day cleanse was a little intimidating because I wasn’t sure if I could go that long.  However, the idea of a whole-food-based shake was really appealing to me and my intuition kept prompting me, so I decided to go for it.

I made sure to schedule the cleanse during a time when I could be the most successful. On the first day of the cleanse, I had a lot of questions, which were promptly answered for me by the Divas. As I settled into mid-cleanse, I couldn’t believe I didn’t feel hungry at all and had great energy levels. My body actually seemed to crave the shake and the night-time fiber/cherry shake was a perfect-tasting ‘dessert.’

While I will admit to some ‘protocol fatigue’ after Day 7 – simply because I wanted to chew more, LOL! – the support and encouragement of Ellen and Kathy kept me going through to the end.

I lost 4 inches during the cleanse, another 4 inches the week after, and then another 2 inches – 10 inches lost after 40 days total (10-day cleanse + 30-days after)! I fit into my clothes again and saw my skin irritations and bloated feeling disappear. I learned so much about preferred foods to eat and I take the list with me to grocery shop.

Post-cleanse, I stayed on a daily morning power shake and the Super aminos – along with an occasional fiber/cherry shake at night. I’ve kept the weight off and feel great.

I highly recommend trying this cleanse if you: a) are wary of ‘cleanses’ or ‘detoxes’; b) have chronic or bothersome symptoms even if you’re eating ‘healthy’; c) prefer to have support during a program; or d) want to feel better about yourself and your body for the long term.

Kathy and Ellen are lovely to work with and understand special needs for adapting this program so you’re successful. Just do it!”

Christine Clifton

Author of “You don’t have to shout to Stand Out”

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