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Purium 40 Day Ultimate Parasite Cleanse

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I am going to do something I have never done before. I thought it would be fun. I hope you do too. I am signing up to do the Purium 40 Day Ultimate- Parasite cleanse and I would like you to join me. You buy the product and I will provide daily email support and weekly [...]

Do You Know What Is In the Food You Are Eating?

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People often ask me if it’s really necessary to buy organic. Not all foods are problematic. You can refer to the Environmental Working Group’s shopping Guide to Pesticides in foods to see the worst offenders- Unfortunately, this list doesn’t tell you if the produce is grown from genetically engineered seeds. Read the rest of this [...]

Press Release- Promising Results in Pre-Clinical Trial

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Watch the video here: FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Biome Medic Shows 74% Reduction of Glyphosate and 75% Reduction in C-Reactive Protein in Pre-Clinical Trial. New product from Purium delivers promising results in gut health. October 26, 2017 Rancho Dominguez, CA David Sandoval, Founder and Chief Science Officer of Purium, announced results from a recent study on [...]