I am blessed to have the privilege of working with remarkable people. They are brave, courageous and strong, willing to take responsibility for their choices. They never want to settle for being anything less than remarkable. Their stories inspire me daily.

Carol was generous enough to share her story with you.

Carol is a very smart woman. She has a successful career as an addiction specialist and a clinical social worker, but continued to struggle with her life-long battle with food. She was determined to avoid the health issues you knew were looming in the not to distant future. She was ready to take her power back and create a future filled with energy and abundant good health. She has big dreams and she is well on her way to making them all come true.

Read her story and let her success inspire you to reach for the stars too:

Kathy changed my life.

I called her in April of 2018, immediately following my doctor’s appointment. I registered at the scale at 199 pounds (it was really 201 but I bargained for the two pounds of clothing I was wearing: it was April!).  And then the doctor read me the riot act…something like. “Get your bad boy LDL cholesterol down, your good girl HDL cholesterol up, lower your AIC which now indicates you are on your way to being pre-diabetic, and lower your triglyceride numbers (fat in the bloodstream)—or I am putting you on medication (statins) to do the job.”

I called Kathy for help, “I need someone who can help me keep on track with my goals to get my health back. I am not going on medication.”

I am a therapist and have worked extensively with people who have had bariatric weight loss surgery. In a former lifetime I was a Nutri-system counselor, I have been on and off diets all my life. I knew how to lose weight, what I didn’t know was how to not gain it all back again plus more.

I knew this time it had to be different.

So, I called Kathy, and I signed up for her excellent 12-week program and expected weight loss, and yes, that happened. In fact, I am 31 pounds lighter in 12 weeks.  My 5’ 6” self went from a size 18 (stretchy pants) to a size 12 (zippered slacks!).

Kathy is so knowledgeable and understanding—she gets “it” and she got me. She provided easy instructions for what to eat and what to avoid and had faith in my ability to make this change toward health.

And it happened.

My energy level SOARED. With the Back to Basics meal plan, I was full eating good healthy food. I had NO FOOD CRAVINGS!

Not only do I PASS UP SUGAR now, I don’t even think about it!

My wife and I did this together on Kathy’s Family Plan. My wife is a normal weight, but it improved her feeling of well-being tremendously.  We call it THE MOJO MEAL PLAN—because it is not a DIE-t.

Kathy was an amazing guide through this process of transformation. Our bi-weekly conversations also identified some of the emotional blocks that really are underneath all the weight. I am so grateful to Kathy as with her help I have reclaimed my body and my life.  Months later, here I am, on my meal plan, feeling great and healthy!

I went to review my results with my doctor. She looked at the June 21st, 2018 results and said, “THIS IS REMARKABLE; how did you do it?”

I told her that I worked with an amazingly gifted nutritional guide and mentor.

We reviewed my stats: my blood pressure had dropped from 120/80 (which was good) to 110/60 (which is excellent).

My BMI went from 33 (which is obese) to 27.76.  

My weight dropped from 201 pounds to 170 and steadily I am finding the sweet spot for maintenance. (I have never been here before and it is WILDLY EXCITING!!!)  

My hemoglobin A1C (the marker for diabetes) dropped from 5.4% to 5.2% (standard range is 4.8-5.6%).

My triglycerides dropped from 118 mg to 76 mg (or 64 %!!!),

HDL from 59 mg to 60 mg (the standard is >39);

My VLDL cholesterol (the cholesterol associated with the development of plaque deposits on artery walls) dropped from 24mg to 15 mg (standard is 5-40 mg)

And my LDL went from 119 mg to 134 (standard range is 0-99 mg).  Turns out, (especially for middle aged women like myself) that people with “good” high-density lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol and low triglycerides (less than 100 mg/dl) may actually be at a lower risk for heart disease then people with “normal” cholesterol levels and higher levels of bad cholesterol AND THAT WOULD BE ME!

Thank you Kathy for giving me my life back!!!!

Carol Morrison LCSW, CASAC

How cool is that?

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