Do you feel like your mind and body need a complete overhaul?

It’s not uncommon to feel rundown in today’s’ fast-paced society, but just because it’s commonplace doesn’t mean it’s “normal.”  When it becomes a struggle to find the energy to get through the day, your body is sending out an SOS.

You would be wise to pay attention. It can save you a lot of heartache down the road.

Here are Six Warning Signs Your Body Needs to Detox and De-Stress

1.You Can’t Lose Weight

You have tried every diet out there and nothing works. You’ve cut back on calories and increased your exercise and the needle on the scale just won’t budge.

Chronic, low-grade inflammation could be the cause. When you eat foods that your body has an intolerance toward they create an inflammatory response. Even healthy foods can cause inflammation, which can pose serious problems not only for weight loss, but for short-and long-term health. Chronic low-grade inflammation can cause obesity, premature aging, and even disease.

The foods that can be highly inflammatory may surprise you. A detox will show you how to determine which foods are a problem for you.

2.You Notice an Increase in Negative Thoughts and Feelings

Are you feeling overwhelmed, bad about yourself, or experiencing surges of anger? These are signals you may be under too much stress. Your stress response is an instinctual reaction that triggers your mind and body’s “fight or flight” response, giving your mind and body what they need to protect or escape from a dangerous situation. When the danger is removed, the stress response subsides. This acute stress is good for us and helps you when facing life-threatening situations

The issue occurs when you are continually exposed to stressful circumstances that don’t subside – chronic stress. In these situations, your “fight or flight” response continually fires without rest, and that can cause a number of symptoms including negative thoughts and feelings. In turn, negative thoughts and feelings can exacerbate stress levels. Unless you take the steps you need to detox and destress, the cycle of stress and negative thoughts and feelings will continue.

3.You Have Trouble Concentrating and Remembering

Do you find yourself reading the same sentence over and over again because you are too distracted to concentrate? Are you forgetting to show up for commitments that are important to you?

The idea that food affects the mind is an alien concept to many people, but when you find yourself constantly feeling fatigued, distracted, moody or just “not yourself,” you are dealing with brain fog. When you eat food your body is sensitive to, you experience damage to your gut that affects brain function.

Do you want to regain your sense of clear-headedness, focus and joy?
It starts with a detox that addresses the underlying issues including food intolerances, diet, stress levels, sleep and level of physical activity. Many will experience a “cloud” being lifted in a matter of days.

4.You are Losing Your Hair

It’s natural to experience some hair loss each day due to age or activity, but if you are experiencing more than average hair loss, stress may be one of the reasons. The physiological changes you can experience with chronic stress can impact your hair follicles and the strength of your hair, causing hair to fall out.

The good news is stress-induced hair loss can be reduced or eliminated altogether by practicing new ways to manage your stress and learning different things you can do to reduce your stress levels.

5.You Are Tired All the Time

Sometimes the only symptom of a food intolerance is fatigue. If you getting enough sleep but always feeling tired, it could be something you are eating. When you have food sensitivities and eat foods your body doesn’t like, you activate your immune system which is the equivalent of being sick. Your immune system is expending a great deal of energy trying to remove the offending food and you suffer the consequence of feeling tired all the time.

A detox removes the most common food offenders which calms the immune system. Replacing these foods with delicious and deeply nourishing foods restores your energy. Many report being able to add up to 10 hours of productivity to every work week.

6.You Have Headaches, Migraines or Cold Hands and Feet

Do you frequently have cold hands and feet? Do you often find yourself experiencing headache pain? Stress could be a cause. During a stress response, your heart rate increases and your blood flow is diverted from smaller muscle groups to larger ones. When this occurs for an extended period of time as in the case of chronic stress, blood flow and oxygen levels to your head and extremities can be reduced, resulting in cold hands, feet and headache and migraine pain.

If you are experiencing one or more of the Six Warning Signs You Need to Detox and DeStress, it’s time to take action! Here is Step 1-

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When you cleanse your mind and body with practices that detox and de-stress, you increase your energy, lose weight, reduce stress and anxiety, and recharge your life.

Don’t you deserve that?