Now you can have that experience through our very first “Restaurant Review”. After reading this,  I am sure you will be joining us next month.

It was a special evening filled with great food and great fun.

Our Kitchen Table Wisdom Meetup group found its way to The Thirsty Turtle located at 186 Columbia Turnpike in Florham Park, NJ last night. Our goal is to visit a new restaurant that features gluten free items every month and let you all know what we discover. We hope this will encourage you to see that dining out can be wonderful despite restrictions you may have due to food intolerances or personal choices.

There were eleven of us – a very nice sized group and a good sampling of responses to the service, price, quality, selection of food.

Across the board, each and every one of us said we would come back! Now that’s a good review already.

All of our attendees including Kathy and myself (and we have pretty high standards) thought the food was quite good. Most of us ordered from their ample and tasty gluten free menu.

Here are some of the comments from our lovely “food critics”:

“Loved the Gluten Free drinks option!”

“Comfortable cool environment…. good for professionals….wonderful gluten free separate menu…great for after work hangout…would definitely come again”

Everyone agreed that they would come back which speaks volumes for the experience.

Here’s more straight from the diners:

“Good selection of gluten free offerings…price was reasonable”

“Waitress was delightful. My entrée was delicious. I had gluten free pasta with spicy sausage and crushed tomatoes. The price was fair for the quality and quantity. I would return and recommend my waitress.”

“The server was very attentive…The quality of food was very good. And the right size. I did not feel that my meal was bigger than my eyes. The price was average. I would return because there are other items I would like to try”

Just one more critique so you can get a really good feel for this.

“I really enjoyed the restaurant’s food. Place is clean, well kept and decorated with beautiful flowers – big vases. Just the waiting time was too much…..New friends were all awesome!! I enjoyed overall and would love to come back with friends”

Dining with the Divas – the first in a series – was certainly a success. Everyone enjoyed their food. Some items got more raves than others but overall – food was very good. Some found it very pleasing that they could have a “gluten free bun” with their burger!

Our server was wonderful and all agreed on that point. Prices were very affordable and good value for the $ – that was also unanimous.

We did have a very long wait because this restaurant does not take reservations. I was told they are not usually this busy on a Tuesday night but to the surprise of all there was a full house by 6:00 p.m. So the only suggestion would be “Thirsty Turtle – please take reservations or call ahead seating”. Your patrons will be so much happier.

Otherwise – kudos to Kitchen Table Wisdom and The Thirsty Turtle. Some of us just met last night and others just a couple of weeks ago. If you were sitting near us, you’d have thought we were all long time friends. Lots of great conversation and laughter.

Kudos to our newly created Kitchen Table Wisdom group and the Thirsty Turtle.

Whether you decide to join our Meetup – Kitchen Table Wisdom – or not, we will continue to show you there are wonderful places to dine and have a great time while adhering to the best for your individual needs. You can be gluten free – feel great, look gorgeous and dine deliciously with friends and family. 

Restaurants that will accommodate you are plentiful in this area. We will show you where and even how to order.  Better yet – click here to join our meetup and experience it yourself: