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Back To Basic Wellness: Certified Holistic Nutrition Coaches

Unmatched experience and knowledge…. These certified and trusted practitioners create programs that produce results.

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Their program gives young working moms like myself, the support necessary to make good health the center of your family’s life.
After the detox my energy level soared! I never would have believed I could ever feel this good again!
Cindy Waite
It is amazing how many people are impressed with what we are doing and are thinking of picking up on some of our changes. We found the diet easy to follow – all we had to do is to concentrate on the foods we could have and the choices were plentiful.
Harriet & Lee Broadwin

We Are The Digestive Divas

We are Kathy D’Agati and Ellen Harnett, the Digestive Divas.  We have worked together for many years creating programs that educate, inspire and empower our clients to achieve their goals.

We specialize in helping you identify the foods that are draining your energy, causing brain fog and persistent weight gain.  We replace them with delicious foods that give you all day energy, clear focused thinking and sustainable weight loss.

  • Certified Holistic Nutrition Coaches
  • Certification from Columbia Teacher’s College and the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.
  • Members of the American Association of Drugless Practitioners (AADP)
  • Certified Gluten Practitioners

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She lost 10 Inches in 40 Days!

Meet Christine Clifton. She is one busy lady. She runs her own coaching business Mindful Business Matters, conducts webinars and retreats and has authored a very successful book titled, "You don't have to shout to Stand Out " I have attended many of Christine’s workshops. I always leave smarter than when I came. Her book is on my nightstand, offering me daily pearls of wisdom. Christine knows her success depends upon her showing up at her best every day. She needed something quick and easy to fit into her busy schedule. She tried my 10-Day Transformation using Purium products and has been a loyal customer ever since. This is Christine had to say about her experience: "After I attended a workshop with Kathy and Ellen about the Purium cleanse, I took some time to think about it and study it. I had tried some other shake-based programs but I wasn't successful on their fasting/cleanse day protocol. As a result, the idea of a 10-day cleanse was a little intimidating because I wasn't sure if I could go that long.  However, the idea of a whole-food-based shake was really appealing to me and my intuition kept prompting me, so I decided [...]

Do You Know What Is In the Food You Are Eating?

People often ask me if it’s really necessary to buy organic. Not all foods are problematic. You can refer to the Environmental Working Group’s shopping Guide to Pesticides in foods to see the worst offenders- https://www.ewg.org/foodnews/#.WlZjLJJdC-g Unfortunately, this list doesn’t tell you if the produce is grown from genetically engineered seeds. Read the rest of this article to learn why that is a problem and then please consider doing the10- Day Transformation to cleanse your body from the unavoidable damage caused by our present food supply. The claim that GE foods are the same as conventional foods, and therefore inherently safe, falls flat when you consider GE crops are designed to be different. For example, "Roundup Ready" crops are engineered to withstand the herbicide Roundup, which would normally threaten the survival of the crop if sprayed too liberally. With the advent of Roundup Ready crops, use of glyphosate (the active ingredient in Roundup) has significantly risen, with about 1 billion pounds sprayed on crops every year. Glyphosate's toxicity is well established, with adverse health effects ranging from birth defects to endocrine dysfunction to cancer. In spite of knowing this, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) admits foods are not tested [...]

Do You Want to Know Why You Can’t Lose Weight?

Are you stressed about all the weight you gained over the holidays? Feeling a bit overwhelmed by the thought of one more diet? Can’t say I blame you. Diets are awful. They leave you feeling listless, cranky, hungry and deprived. Is there any wonder why you quit long before you reach your goal? Most people blame their lack of success on not having enough willpower. If you are counting on willpower alone to get you to your goal weight, you’ve lost the battle before you’ve even begun. We all start the day with a limited supply of willpower. It’s usually spent by the end of the day when most people begin their out-of-control eating. You may be able to white-knuckle your way through a couple of tough nights but eventually you are going to cave. That’s when all hell breaks loose and you feel like a failure once again. Isn’t it time you stop doing that to yourself? The simple truth is diets don’t work- never did, never will. Counting calories isn’t going to get you to where you want to be either. Your body craves nutrients not calories. Eat the nourishing foods your body loves, and you will never [...]