Low Carb Healthy Superbowl Menu? Absolutely!


Big Game Day chatter is mounting.  It’s just around the corner. Whether your nuts for New England or a Falcons Fanatic – you’re superbowl experience is bound to be focused on the food of course!

So you’re Living’ La Vida Low Carb and you think you can’t have your favorites?  Absolutely not true.  I have done my research well and here is what I can guarantee you:

  1. You will have your favorite game day yummies without the carbs and popping with flavor.
  2. You will not be slaving in the kitchen for days.
  3. You will not have to make two separate versions so your “carb loving” friends and family will be happy.
  4. You just might be the biggest hit in your Superbowl History!

You must admit that sounds exciting!

Here are the links to these fabulous recipes.  Some are my originals and several are choices I made from paleo recipe sites that I love.  Credit to Paleo OMG, Primal Bites and Paleomazing.







http://www.paleomazing.com/paleo-recipes/paleo-pizza-gluten-free-nut-free-cauliflower-crust-pizza/ (if you are not dairy sensitive top this with shredded Pecorino Romano which is sheep’s milk cheese and easier to digest)  – This one you will want to make ahead – a little more time consuming than the rest!

Chef Ellen’s Sliders – http://backtobasicwellness.com/super-sliders-superbowl-gluten-free-dairy-free-healthy-economical/

Skip the rolls to keep the carbs low (or just use half).You can wrap them between two slices of grilled Portobello mushrooms or a lettuce wrap.

Chef Ellen’s Chili Meatball Muffins – http://backtobasicwellness.com/chili-meatloaf-muffins-gluten-free-dairy-free-superbowl/

Chef Ellen’s Gorgeous Guacamole: http://backtobasicwellness.com/gorgeous-guacamole-gluten-free-dairy-free-low-carb/

One dessert for the sweet lovers – still lower carb than a traditional version.


Have an awesome Superbowl Sunday.  Choose the dishes that appeal to you the most.  Enjoy the cuisine, enjoy the game and most of all – enjoy being with your friends and family.  Make happy memories.

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